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Office Renovation, Co. Cork

We really enjoyed working with O’Mahony Walsh on their recent office renovation project.

New recessed lights have completely altered the look of the office and we used new spotlights to showcase the new feature wall.

The outside of the building has also received a makeover. A bespoke LED sign light was made to enhance the building at night.

Michael O’Leary, Electrician and Declan McElhinney, Ceilings and Allied worked with our team to complete this project.

New Build Home, Co. Cork

Our clients designed a beautiful plan for their new garden.

They wanted to create a garden that they could also enjoy in the evening.

New Build Home, Co. Cork

The use  of spotlights on walls and pathways accentuate the beautiful landscaping features and sculptural planting

New Build Home, Co. Cork

Each area of the garden has special lighting features to suit its purpose.

The beautifully lit patio allows our clients to enjoy alfesco dining late into the evening.

Our clients are very happy with their new home and had this to say:

“Worked with Pamela. Her design ideas were brilliant and nothing was any trouble.

A joy to work with. Highly recommend”

Housing Development, West Cork.


We are currently working with clients on a housing development in West Cork.

Each new home has a unique lighting design

Housing Development, West Cork.


Each of the homes on this development has very special features.

We have used lighting to showcase the beautiful handmade staircases in each house.

Housing Development, West Cork.


The outside lighting bighlights the beautiful masonry and design features.

Spotlights will be used in the gardens once the development is complete.

Home Renovation, Co. Kerry

We were delighted to work with our client to help them choose light fittings for their Dining Room & Kitchen refurbishment.

The crystals in this fitting create a beautiful effect and really enhance the room.

Home Renovation, Co. Kerry

 The lighting in the Hallway looks really beautiful and adds warmth.

Their choice of red pendants in the new Kitchen is fabulous and adds a very contemporary look and a gorgeous splash of colour.

New Build Home, Co. Cork

We worked on this project from start to finish and thoroughly enjoyed seeing our clients vision of their new home becoming a reality.

Recessed lights and the beautiful light fittings make the hub of their home not only functional but very stylish.

New Build Home, Co. Cork


The style of lighting used in the Dining Room echos the Kitchen & Living Room.

In the hallway they chose a stunning surface mounted pendant which creates a beautiful atmosphere when you enter their home.

New Build Home, Co. Cork

We worked with our clients from the very beginning of their project and based our lighting recommendations on their requests and the style that they wished to achieve.

The lighting theme from the kitchen was carried through to the adjoining living room area.

Home Renovation, Co. Cork


For this recent home renovation we met our clients and showed them various styles of lighting for their kitchen, living room, hallway and garden.

They chose a modern chandalier for their hallway which reflects beautifully in the window and looks fantastic as you approach the house.

The copper pendants gives their new kitchen a very comtempory and stylish look.

Home Renovation, Co. Cork


The lighting plan we designed for the garden allows our clients to enjoy their garden in the evenings and showcases the new plants and garden features.

The pathways and exterior of the house are beautifully lit and we are delighted that our clients  are so pleased with results.


Bar & Restaurant Renovation, North Cork.

We were delighted to work with Alan Shiell Electrical Service on the renovation of the Gallery Bar & Restaurant in Mallow.

The bar and restaurant have undergone an amazing transformation!
We helped Stephen choose lighting that has really added to the gorgeous new style and look.
Dimmable ceiling lights were installed in the restaurant. They create a warm atmosphere for diners but can be brightened when service has finished.
Beautiful new pendants have been installed over the bar and these are also dimmable with remote control.


Bar & Restaurant Renovation, North Cork.


The new lighting has really brightened the bar and restaurant and having control of the light colour allows the owners to create an atmosphere to suit every occasion.
For the outside we chose LED recessed lights which have completely changed the look of the building and make it really stand out.
Many thanks to Alan for being so wonderful to work with and we wish Stephen and his staff many years of success in the Gallery Bar & Restaurant.

Home Renovation, East Cork


We were delighted to work with Ahern Bros. Construction on a very special project in Youghal, Co. Cork.
They renovated a 200 year old property for their mother Rena and it was a real labour of love.
The newly named “Rena’s Cottage” has been completely transformed and looks amazing.

Home Renovation, East Cork


In the Living Room there is a bespoke crystal feature piece and the curved wall lights are in keeping with the style and theme of the cottage.
We also helped to choose recessed and pendant lighting for the Kitchen and in the Bathroom there are gorgeous fittings that add a touch of sparkle. The Bedroom lighting was chosen to give the room warmth and a cosy feeling.
We wish Rena and her family many years of happiness in her beautiful new home. It was such a pleasure to be a part of this very special project.